You're in the right place if you're ready to take your spiritual life to the next level.

You see, I'm quite obessed with helping women grow their spiritual lives. So, if you're tired of the struggle to be consistent, the guilt for neglecting the Lord, or the isolation that comes from not having deep spiritual friends, then have I got an adventure for you! I'm your girl if you want to see radical transformation. My goal is to make sure your soul is delighting in God, nourished in His Word and driven to bless the socks off those God around you.

Girl. Don't let the negative committee between your earrings tell you life can't get any better, that God doesn't want you or that your life is too messed up.

That's exactly why I'm inviting you on a spiritual adventure with me! I've spent thousands of hours mentoring and counseling women. I've seen God swoop down from Heaven and do the incredible in the lives of countless women and I believe you are next on His list! So let's leave empty, mundane spiritual lives behind and step into the  extraordinary!

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But our spiritual friendship? That awesome journey is just beginning! I want you to have one of my famous lists to jumpstart every day with the Lord! It's 50 simple + creative ways to get your spiritual life back on track so you can have intimacy with your heavenly Father! PLUS! I'll send you a few 5-minute videos to show you exactly how I interact with God every single day!