Let's study God's Word together

until it's imprinted so strongly between our earrings that it changes EVERYTHING!

I must admit, I’m quite obsessed with helping women build their spiritual lives! 

I know you want to nourish your soul, but the negative committee between your earrings tells you it's impossible. Your busyness, clutter and long to do lists won't allow it. Me too.

That's why I'm inviting you on a spiritual adventure with me!

I've spent thousands of hours mentoring and counseling women. And I've been completely astonished to see God swoop down from heaven and do the incredible in lives of women just like you who took brave, baby steps of obedience to God's Word.

And I believe you, my friend are next in line for the same massive blessing!

BUT FIRST, do any go these describe you?

  • maybe you've never had a spiritual friend to sit down with you and help you study and grow in God's Word.
  • maybe you're feeling distant from the Lord and need help feeling closer to Him.
  • maybe you have guilt for neglecting consistent time lingering with your Heavenly Father every day.

If any of those those describe you, let's start something extraordinary together! Let's open His beautiful Word together and watch God do exceedingly, abundantly beyond all that you've ever thought possible!

Titus Two Masterclass

This online training program will equip you to be a highly  effective spiritual mentor, even if you've never been mentored yourself! Enrollment opens August 1, so jump on the wait list now to be at the front of the class!



But our spiritual friendship? That awesome journey is just beginning! I can't wait to give you a sneak peak into how I make my soul happy in the Lord every day! It's actually two of my famous lists with the do's and don'ts you really need to understand so you can truly enjoy lingering with your Heavenly Father. If you've ever felt guilty for neglecting the Lord, trust me, this is for you. It's going to bless your socks off!